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Internationl students "study in CCNU" magazine Start publication


 June 29, 2015, by the responsible editor of my school students to "stay in the China division" Success magazine published to great acclaim.

    "Stay in the China division," mainly consists of the following sections, rich activity reports, interviews, cultural exchanges, invited presentations, student essay, etc., all published content, both intellectual and emotional article, the language style and graphic designs Students strive to reflect the beauty of life. The magazine is designed to record the wonderful life of international students, and learning and growth experience in the China division of the seeds of the mountain, after more means students have graduated still mindful of the China division, Attachment ICES emotional thoughts. Magazine every piece of text and every picture will tell you that the China division is studying the best choice.

Our hospital Xuegong Ban Beginning in April 2015, "the China division to stay in the" preparatory work for the first issue, held preparatory meetings, the selection of magazine editors and volunteers, gather ideas, guide contents, comments, last two months, the magazine finally arrived.

"Stay in the China division," a collection of my school students effort and talent, from conception, interviews, editing, layout chosen by the magazine to publish the full member is responsible. Magazine members mainly from Malaysia, Chile, Ghana, Benin, Kazakhstan, Tanzania, Zambia, Madagascar, Zimbabwe and Sierra Leone.



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