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Central China Normal University to organize the Fifth Kazakhstan Chinese teacher training and the Second Central Chinese Teacher Training Course


July 11 morning, the Chinese teacher training and the Second Session of the Fifth Central Asia Kazakhstan Chinese teacher training opening ceremony held at the Central China Normal University, Building 10 meeting rooms. Feng, deputy director of the Hubei Provincial fine country Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the Chief Kangyan Jie, vice president Li Xiangnong Central China Normal University, School of International Cultural Exchange Zuo Bin, Zhou spread to the meeting from the five Central Asian KMT and 77 teachers attended the.


The opening ceremony was presided over by the President of the International Cultural Exchange School Zuo Bin. Zuo Bin, first to all the leaders, teachers, extended a warm welcome. Li Xiangnong president talked about close contacts between China and Kazakhstan, as put forward "along the way" policy, the outlook is bright bilateral exchanges and cooperation are increasingly widespread. Li Xiangnong on Central Chinese Teachers in Wuhan study and life is very concerned, I hope the Chinese language teacher at Central China Normal University could apply.


Feng fine country outside Hubei Province, deputy director of the Overseas Chinese Affairs affirmed the Central China Normal University in Chinese education outcomes of five Central Asian countries Chinese Teacher dissemination of Chinese culture as a cultural emissary gratitude. He hopes to attend the trainees were able to do a good job of teachers to students, host to the guests, home to the collective transition, can be harvested in entertaining learning.


Teacher representatives from Kazakhstan Koop resistance, on behalf of black lesbian teacher Uzbekistan, Tajikistan teacher took the floor on behalf of Ulu close Buick respectively, the Overseas Chinese Affairs of the State-sponsored and funded, Central China Normal University to host the Chinese teacher training gratitude. They believe that this training will not only enhance Chinese knowledge, better enhance their understanding of Chinese culture.

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