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2015 International Student graduation Ceremony and outstanding international students awards ceremony was held


(Reprinted Mandarin online) June 24, 2015 session of the Central China Normal University International Student graduation Ceremonyand outstanding international student awards ceremony held at the Science Hall Auditorium. Vice President Li Xiangnong, school office, graduate school, work department, Foreign Affairs Department, Office of Academic Affairs, School of International and Cultural Exchange and other units were present at the ceremony. Ceremony was presided over by the vice president of international cultural exchange cycle.

Li Xiangnong said  in his speech,he hoped international students after graduation to continue learning Chinese and understanding Chinese culture to further understand the changing and the rapid development of contemporary China, more and his alma mater, and Chinese friends to keep in touch for the cooperation between China and your country to build friendships bridge.

Associate Professor Yuan Haixia teacher representatives, outstanding international students made speeches at the ceremony on behalf of the Yemeni student Sharif.

By 2015, a total of 74 undergraduates, 113 master's, 47 doctoral students and grant the relevant approved graduate degree, while 163 matriculation students and 146 Chinese language students allowed to graduate, 119 were rated as outstanding international students.




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