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uOttawa Prof. Howard Alper Visits CCNU for Joint Research Program


uOttawa Prof. Howard Alper  Visits CCNU for Joint Research Program

On September  5th, CCNU signed an  agreement with Prof. Howard Alper at the University of Ottawa (uOttawa) of  establishing a joint research center for chemical synthesis and catalysis.  Present at the meeting were CCNU Vice President Li Xiangnong and Wang Enke, and  Xiao Wenjing, Dean of the School of Chemistry.

Li introduced this  cooperative program and the School of Chemistry. He attached great importance to  the partnership between the two sides. Howard Alper introduced the academic  competitiveness of uOttawa and expressed his wish for the establishment of the  joint research center. Xiao reviewed the progress of this program and expressed  his gratitude to his supervisor Howard Alper for his consistent support and help  for this research center.

CCNU  and uOttawa have been in cooperation for a long time. This joint-founded  research center is expected to facilitate scientific research and cultivate more  talents for both universities.   

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