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The Freshman Orientation in Our College Went Well


Since Sept.2nd,our school carries out 3 days’ international freshman orientation

According to the college’s plan, through the cooperation of all college’s staffs, our college completed100 counties’ 400 international freshmen orientation in two days. The wholeprocess, including register, Chinese language test, accommodation arrangement,were well ordered.

To ensure a smoothfreshman orientation, our college increased manpower and material resources,and set up four reception site in Tianhe Airport, Wuchang Railway station,Hankou Raiway Station and Wuhan Railway Station, providing chairs, drinkingwater and consultation service. Our college recruited nearly 20 volunteers andcurrent international students and they joined the freshmen orientation. On themorning of September 2, the freshman finished every process in the register withthe help of the teachers and volunteers. The whole process was in order. Wetried our best to solve freshmen’s all questions and difficulties on theirfirst arrival in China. All freshmen appreciated the volunteers and teachers’considerable service.

Our college predicated toenroll more than 800 international students, and the freshman orientation willlast to the end of Sept. Our college will also organize international studentsto complete physical examination, resident permit application and safety education.

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